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“Arrived is Democratizing access to Real Estate Investing” 

“Arrived allows anyone to purchase shares of rental properties and earn a passive income while the company handles everything” 

“Arrived tries to democratize a corner of real estate investing that has been the domain of affluent individuals” 

Browse Arrived properties, each pre-vetted for their investment potential. Buy shares online, then earn your share of rental income and home appreciation while Arrived manages the properties.

Earn Income & Participate in Property Appreciation


Rental properties have shown strong historic returns

We found that investing in rental properties over the past 20 years has delivered 11.7% annual returns. See calculation methodology below. While the S&P 500 has delivered very strong investment returns across 20 years, the rental property asset class has actually outperformed the S&P 500.


A Better Way to Invest in Real Estate

Consistent Passive Income

Earn rental income and receive deposits quarterly 

Watch your investment grow as the home appreciates  

Property Appreciation

Save Time & Energy

Kick back and relax, Arrived acquires & manages your properties 


Invest anywhere from $100 to $20,000 per house and grow a portfolio across several properties

Flexible Investment Amounts

Benefit from favorable real estate tax rules 

Tax Advantages  

Access historically consistent returns with low correlation to the stock market

Diversify with Real Estate

Who can invest in Arrived properties?

Currently the Arrived platform is open to U.S. citizens or residents above the age of 18. Individuals do not need to be an accredited investor to participate in the Arrived platform.

How often is rental income distributed to investors?

Our current policy is to distribute rental income on a quarterly basis to the property investors. Separately, once a month investors are sent monthly statements with information about the property performance.

No, Arrived takes care of all the home ownership responsibilities, including the selection, purchase, renovation of the home, as well as finding tenants and dealing with maintenance requests. As an investor you only need to make an investment and earn your share of income from rent payments.

Will I have any responsibilities for managing properties I invest in?

Our mission at Arrived is to make investing in rental homes accessible to everyone, and as such our minimum amount required to make an investment in each property is $100 USD.   

What is the minimum Initial Investment?

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“I'd like to invest in real estate, but don't want to deal with the paperwork, etc.. and would like to diversify (i.e. invest in multiple properties). Arrived is the perfect solution for me” 

Kian M.

Owner in The Lierly and The Pecan

“I invested in a few homes with Arrived and don't have to worry about finding the homes or managing the day-to-day. Highly recommend this as an investment” 

Sydney K.

Owner in The Soapstone, The Lierly, and The Patrick

“I'm so excited to start earning passive income from real estate! This also gives me the ability to invest in an area that I would otherwise never have (since I live in Seattle).”

Alyssa K.

Owner in The Plumtree and The Soapstone

At Arrived, our mission is to empower the world to build wealth through modern real estate investing.

While residential real estate has been the best long-run investment in modern history, operational headaches and larger upfront financial commitments prevent many people from participating.

By breaking down the barriers to investing in rental properties, we believe we can help millions of people better access this incredible asset class.

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To estimate the returns from rental property investing we took the combination of rental income dividends from Arrived rental properties and the historic property appreciation growth. For rental income, we used annualized dividend yields based on the Arrived property Q2 and Q3 dividend payments. That includes 2 quarters of payments for the first 6 properties and 1 quarter of payments for 22 properties. While these dividends paid have actually averaged 6.1% on an annualized basis. That means for every $100 invested, you would have received $6.10 of annual dividends. However, after compounding it and considering the time value of money, over a 10 year period it will result in a compound annual growth rate of 5.6%. The result may not seem intuitive since we start at a 6.1% dividend, but the effects of compounding at a 4% rate bring this number down slightly over a long period of time. For property value growth we took the Zillow Home Value Index (ZHVI) that is specific to Single Family Homes and measures the typical home value for properties in the 35th to 65th percentile range. This data shows that the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of property value in the USA for the last 20 years has been 3.97% per year. Assuming this 3.97% annual property value appreciation and a 65% mortgage, the resulting equity returns would be magnified to 6.1% per year. 

For the above annual return calculations, we are also adding assumptions around real estate transaction costs & fees so that those are taken into account when calculating the final investment returns. We are assuming that on the initial investment there are upfront transaction / other costs of 6% and selling costs of 6% when the property is sold. We are also assuming that the investment is held for 10 years. So if we then combine the 6.1% property value growth returns and the 5.6% dividends from rental income, our findings show an 11.7% annual return on investment over a 10 year holding period. To determine the total annual return on investment, we utilized the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) methodology which calculates the rate at which all future cash inflows are discounted to be equivalent to the present-day cash outflow. So the 11.7% is a compounded annual return over the 10 years of investment.

Returns Calculation: